Set your sights on an upgrade

Upgrade your gun with the simple addition of one of the premium scopes we offer in our store. Magnify your line of sight by football fields with our line of riflescopes, red dots, and more.


It still takes a steady trigger finger to make the shot, but you have to see it first. Increase your distance today.

Lock in on your target

Whether you're hunting or shooting recreationally, our scopes will open up a brand new avenue of shooting. Learn to spot from far away and take into account more dramatic degrees of movement from the bullet and target. Become a different sort of marksmen.

Our types of scopes

• Spotting scopes

• Reflex scopes

• Holographic sights

• Good, old-fashioned - yet state-of-the-art - binoculars

• Range Finder

Buy from the people who know the sport

Come on by our store today to look over the  Leupold scopes we have to offer. We stock numerous Vortex, Bushnell, and Swarovski optics. You can count on us help you select the model best for you. Call as at 580-223-8502 with any questions.

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