Turn a profit on your high-end oddities

We're not looking for your run-of-the-mill knickknacks. Come to us with your uncommon and impressive merchandise you are willing to part ways with. Our crew has been around the block a time or two, which makes a new find that much

more exciting.


Walk out with a nice amount cash for your item - or, maybe you've been in the market for a new gun.

Get a fair price

We're not your typical pawn shop in that we aren't interested in flea market goods. More so, though, we're not typical in that you can count on us for a fair price. We sell products for living. We know the importance of good value. Get the best around with us.

Items we look for

• Rare collectibles

• Fine jewelry

• Firearms

• Motorcycles

Come to us with your valuable merchandise

Ensure yourself a fair price with whatever you're looking to sell by stopping by our place. Whether it's a necklace your no longer wear or a bike you no longer drive, we'll take a look at it today. Give us a call at 580-223-8502 if you have any questions.

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